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MINI Connected, article

MINI Connected

Connecting you with the world – and you’re in the driver’s seat. MINI Connected now allows you to access your favourite social media sites, infinite Web Radio stations and keeps you up-to-date with the latest online news straight from your car, opening the doors to a unique form

adidas originals by originals

adidas – Originals by Originals

Celebrating Originality Words: Sarah Jayne Fell This season, for its 60th anniversary as the label with three stripes, adidas celebrates originality in an outstanding collaboration with three of the world’s most unique and creative streetwear and fashion designers of today. Alyasha, Jeremy Scott and Kazuki are the creatives in

Nike AM90 sound - spoek mathambo

The Nike AM90 Sound

The Nike AM90 Sound is a tribute to the icon that is the Air Max 90, a shoe that represents something far greater than footwear. Radical in its design and colour scheme, it was never the chosen footwear for the shy and introverted. Adopted by athletes, performers

Frame lines magazine, edition 7

Chicken Stew

She looked across at him through the serving-hatch and watched him page through the Daily News. She stood chopping peeled carrots, two at a time, into little orange medallions. Onions sizzled in a pan nearby. She glared at the face hidden behind the printed pages, thinking, How

girl waiting for the bus

Waiting for the bus

She waits at the bus stop one afternoon and her daydreams succumb to the summer heat. Vision blurs as her gaze is absorbed by the shimmering mirage on the road and she is far away in the desert somewhere, delirious, or on drugs. And then into her


You died that day

You died that day, a Monday in May. 8am traffic is always worse on Mondays. Hooters denote all flavours of bad language as a polka-dotted vehicle turns right in a left-only lane, and a man with no legs riding a wheelbarrow weaves between the stopped-up patchwork of