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Judith Supine, Ladyboy (2011)

Judith Supine: Ladyboy

An artist profile written for the artist commissioned by artist management and consulting company SIMJEE TEXTOR (USA). Judith Supine is a Brooklyn-based artist originally renowned for his street art, most notoriously a fifty-foot monstrosity hung off the Manhattan Bridge in 2007 – a distorted, twisted-looking luminescent green figure,

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Christopher Slack, chicks with guns

Christopher Slack: Chicks with Guns

Christopher Slack’s art evokes the current global preoccupation with East-versus-West politics and the role mass media plays in juggling our viewpoints on the issue. His paintings of bikini-clad pinup girls straddling television sets and brandishing large weapons are treated with hyperrealistic precision and set against saturated enamel

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