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Human being doing writing thinking working playing making. Sometimes art. Sometimes business. Sometimes for good. Sometimes just for fun.

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Sarah Jayne Fell

Oh, hey there.

Welcome to my online home.

It’s a playful space by me, for me.

It’s a digital depositary for all things work / play / create / think / life.

As a writer, content creator, small agency owner, multimedia specialist by day, and a sometimes-artist / curator / maker-of-things by night and other stolen hours, born in ’86 (that’s a real long time ago), you can imagine I have produced a lot of stuff in my time. Luckily, a lot of it is digital and if not, mostly digitally documented, so this is where I get to hoard all of it. It’s also a great place for me to experiment with new web design ideas and tools so if it feels a little unorthodox in places, that’s probably because it is.

Feel free to explore.
Enjoy what you find.